It was the morning of 9th October in the year 2018. We two would-be-parents were heading towards the hospital to meet our Doctor for her check-up and consultations. Although it was a routine check-up we were aware that the labour date was near. 


But God had another plan for us. After her check-up, she was advised to get admitted on that day as the operation was to be performed the very next morning. We took the admission and waited for the next day i.e. 10th of October 2018. 

Next morning I and my Mother in Law rushed to the hospital with prayer in our hearts and mixed thoughts in our mind. A bit later my Sister-in-Law arrived there with her husband.

My wife was taken to the Operation Theatre. Then my sole duty was to support her and provide her with necessary mental strength. And also Waiting for the God’s Plan.

Anxiously waiting for God’s Plan to be Revealed

Almost an hour later the Doctor declared……

Congratulations Mr Kundu! your wife gave birth to a baby boy~  Mother and Baby are all okay.

And the news was shared with family and friends. 

My joy and happiness knew no bound. the moment I saw the attendant coming out of the OT with my Little Angel.  He, so pinkish, so tender and overloaded with cuteness. was not crying, rather, looking here and there as if scanning the environment around him,. enquiring where he arrived. He was then taken to the Baby Care Room followed by my MIL and SIL. 

I was there to welcome my wife rather my love to congratulate her victory fighting all odds and bearing pains all these months. It was all because of her dedication and devotion that God gave us a priceless gift called parenthood. 

Happy Parenthood to my Love 

Sharing some pictures of our baby………….

See you all in the next post.


Bhaskar Jyoti Kundu

Fun lover, blogger, enjoy spending time with friends. communicator. Love nature, Do gardening when time permits. Digital Marketer. adventurer. Favourite quote-" Believe in what you do and do what you believe in"


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